Do you use Email in your business as your main communication tool?

If so, then you need Washmail. It’s as simple as that!

CurrentlySimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Email is insecure, easy to access and manipulate and, as the essential, basic business communication tool, corporate firewalls cannot block Email traffic.

This makes email the primary transport mechanism for unwanted messages, advertising and viruses, leaving you and your enterprise vulnerable to attacks by cyber-criminals and hackers.

Spam is the most recognisable and pervasive threat in the Email system. It used to be a distraction and a nuisance that could be dealt with fairly quickly.By the end of 2008 around 90% of all Emails were classified as abusive/spam (Source:

The cost to organisations is compromised security, bandwidth overload and for finding, identifying and deleting spam manually is prohibitive.

How vulnerable is your network? Do you want to continue leaving your front door wide open for them to walk in and steal commercially sensitive and confidential information; trade secrets, personal and financial details, customer information and lists?

Do you want to provide free entry to trojan horses, viruses, spyware and worms to sew the seeds of malicious destruction, crashing your network, corrupting operating systems and applications, and potentially destroying your reputation and business on the way?

Your network could easily become part of a ‘Zombie Botnet Army’ — the unwitting host to malware to be passed on to other networks. The largest Botnet detected to date captured 1.2 million computers ready to unleash their payloads of constantly mutating viruses, all of them remotely controlled.

What costs could you be exposed to? The costs to individual businesses in the USA are estimated by recent FBI studies to have doubled from $168,000.00 in 2006 to $350,424.00 in 2007.

The original idea of a hacker as the eccentric übergeek / evil genius seeking personal glory by hacking into the secure government sites and other random acts of eVandalism has evolved into sophisticated, ruthless cyber-crime organisations.

 Employing all the latest business strategies and marketing concepts, with brilliant programmers and hacking technologies they are actively and purposefully targeting the rich pickings of the internet.