How does WashMail work? 

The WashMail servers accept, throttle, and block emails depending upon the sending domain’s reputation score. The servers uses SenderBase to determine these reputation scores. Reputation scores are based upon a number of criteria:

  • spam complaints
  • blacklists
  • drastic changes in the number of emails sent

If the score for a sending domain or IP drops below an acceptable level, WashMail automatically throttles incoming mail from that domain/IP. If the reputation score is extremely poor WashMail will block incoming emails coming from that domain/IP. This ensures that even Washmail doesn't get overwhelmed by a "spam storm". Your emails will get through.

Once WashMail has verified the validity of the sender it then looks to see if the message matches any of the current common spam signatures.  This helps to stop spam from "bots" or computers that have been unwittingly taken over by spammers.

And, of course, all unencrypted attachments are checked for viruses.  If possible the virus will be removed otherwise the attachment will be stripped from the message.

Once the email gets through all those checks we're pretty confident it's a real message so we send the valid message to your mail server.

The entire process delays emails by just a couple of seconds. 

How to set up WashMail

Once you have filled out the application form, and Washmail has confirmed that the servers are ready to start filtering your mail you simply change your Domain Name Server settings (DNS). The setting you need to change is your MX records to:


After this change is made you will notice the amount of spam start dropping and after 48 hours should have stopped.

If you are unsure how, let us do this for you!